How to reach millennials? The big consumers of content

What are the preferred media and formats of millennials? According to a nielsen study of millennials’ use of music and digital communication. Millennials are less likely to stay loyal to a single medium, but consume an enormous amount of content each week. Here are some statistics that help us better understand millennials as content consumers. Millennials use mobile phones at all hours of the day. Many of them even leave their mobile phones close at hand and turned on while they sleep. This trend reaches such an extent that, during the first four months of 2017. People between the ages of 18 and 34 used their mobile phones for 78,000 million minutes per week. That is, an average of 1062 minutes per person per week.

What are the preferred media and formats of millennials?

Millennials aren’t loyal to any particular Australia Phone Number List app; in fact, they usually combine several at the same time. Around 70% of them use two or more applications only to send messages; among consumers over the age of 25, this figure is only 42%. Surprisingly, millennials have not stopped listening to the radio : in fact, 93% of them use this medium at least once a week, and the average is 10 hours and 14 minutes. Instead, the use of streaming on demand has increased in the past year. The growth of this medium has been 76.4%, and a good part of this increase is due to the consumption of content by the millennial generation. Around 60% of them use two or more applications to listen to music.

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Millennials as content consumers

Another opportunity to reach the millennial generation Leads Blue is podcasts , with 37% of millennials listening to podcasts at least once a week and 13% daily. As can be deduced from the above, the trend among millennials is to use many digital services at the same time . Earning their continued loyalty is very difficult, but the good news is that new options have a chance and old ones don’t have to be replaced. Millennials as content consumers earlier this year, nielsen published one of the most exciting studies on this generation to date: millennials on millennials .

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