How to increase subscribers to your newsletter

To implement an email marketing strategy that allows you to increase the ROI of your blog, it is good to start from a good basis, namely the collection of subscribers.

Although your blog may have good traffic and maybe even loyal users, it is a good practice to take advantage of the email channel to keep your visitors up to date so they don’t miss out on the latest news.

There are several ways to increase newsletter subscribers , here are a few:

  • Insert the compilation forms within your blog, especially within the homepage and in the footer of the site so as to allow registration at any time
  • Also integrate popups to make sure that form fillings are seen by visitors. You can insert them at the end of reading an article or when opening your blog, pay attention that they are not too nagging for the readers. Simplify registration by asking only for the essential and most important information. This Bulk SMS South Africa will allow you not to bore the user during compilation.
  • Offer Lead Magnets , i.e. exclusive content for those who subscribe to your newsletter. Being a blog, you can offer exclusive content or discounts on other sites.

Don’t forget to comply with the GDPR legislation especially for the collection of contacts. A compilation form must have the box inside to consent to the site’s privacy legislation.

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It is also advisable to register in double opt-in, not only to have extra security on the part of the user for the use of his data, but this gives you the certainty that he is really interested in receiving your communications.

Why use an email marketing platform for your blog

As already mentioned, using an email marketing platform is essential to increase the ROI on your blog.

There are other benefits to using email marketing software, here are a few:

  1. Automation : email marketing platforms offer the possibility of automating the sending of your communications, allowing you to save time and resources. I’m not just talking about scheduling your newsletters, but also the use of automatic flows, useful for sending the right communication at the right time.
  2. Personalization : not only can you graphically personalize your newsletters, but also adapt the contents based on the preferences of each subscriber. Thanks to this you will be able Leads Blue to make increasingly effective mailings!
  3. Analysis : thanks to the use of an email marketing platform, you can analyze the performance of your mailings, specifically: opening rate, click rate and conversion rate (CTOR). Thanks to this data, you can not only check the progress of your communications but understand how to improve them.
  4. Support : By using an email marketing platform, you can get support and assistance whenever you need.

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