The advantages


Indeed, with an audience constantly bombarded with commercial stimuli (think of roadside billboards, TV commercials and announcements presented to the public by streaming platforms), being able to capture attention is no easy feat for brands . The game is play today, therefore, precisely on the ability to create promotional communications that do not appear invasive .

As? By personalizing the message, carefully defining the channels and responding to the real needs, curiosities and doubts of a specific target audience segment which, on the basis of the information gathered about them and their purchasing habits, is considered potentially interest.

Direct marketing allows you to do exactly this

  • Segment the public : the communication is aimed at a pre-selected and well-identified target starting from the information extrapolated from the contact database. This information, once interpreted, allows us to know purchasing behavior and preferences and organize contacts into Cyprus Phone Number List different segments. In this way, direct marketing becomes particularly profitable, allowing to reach people already identified as potentially interested in the product or service.
  • Personalize the message : the message is creat starting from the target, its needs and curiosities and its position within the funnel. The customer or potential customer thus feels more involved in the communication and, consequently, more inclined to pay attention to it compared to the typical advertising of indirect marketing.
  • Increase Response Rates :

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  • As we saw above, personalization ensures more conversions. This depends on the fact that each group of current or potential customers receives targeted messages that take into account useful information such as age, geographic location, purchasing habits, privileged communication channel and so on.
  • Customer loyalty : unlike indirect marketing, direct marketing Leads Blue allows companies to maintain a strong relationship with their customers, encouraging repurchases and stimulating the sense of belonging to a community.
  • Receive feedback : direct marketing activates two-way communication with the public, making users active-role players. Responses to promotional messages can in fact be invaluable in obtaining feedback on the product, service or prices. 
  • Measure Results : The success and effectiveness of any direct marketing campaign is measurable and trackable. In fact, every form of direct advertising makes it possible to trace user responses and thus find out how much it costs to acquire a customer. Through the right analysis and monitoring tools, it will therefore be possible not only to know the number of customers who have taken the requested action, but also to gather valuable information for perfecting future campaigns.

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