Direct marketing , also called direct marketing

 or direct response marketing . is one of the most popular forms of advertising among companies and professionals who wish to emerge in extremely competitive markets. whether B2B or B2C . In fact, direct marketing is a strategy capable of creating a direct one-to-one connection and communication with the customer and potential customer by making the most of the knowledge of the target. The basis of any effective marketing tactic.
In short, direct marketing. unlike mass marketing, makes it possible to generate personalized. targeted and relevant communication for the recipients organized into segments according to their common characteristics. Precisely for this reason it represents today a fundamental form of advertising for all companies, from the smallest to the largest. regardless of the market niche.

In short, direct marketing is an element not to be overlook in a marketing strategy capable of increasing business. But what is direct marketing. which channels does it use and, above all, how do you set up a campaign?

Direct Marketing: definition

The expression direct marketing , translated into Italian as direct marketing or direct response marketing, refers to the set of marketing tools and targeted advertising techniques aimed at one or more users that possess a series of common characteristics. In short, it is a form of communication that allows companies and professionals to reach and communicate directly with their target audience of current and potential customers according to a one-to-one approach.

To achieve this goal

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direct marketing makes use of a whole series of communication and direct sales channels, without the need to resort to commercial intermediaries , and focuses on personalizing the Leads Blue advertising message according to the needs and characteristics of the individual customer or the specific audience segment.

In fact, unlike indirect marketing which is aimed at a general public , direct advertising is characterized by a marked personalization , ideal for responding to the needs of today’s consumers (we also talked about it with regard to

In addition, it is important to note that direct marketing guarantees the possibility of tracking and measuring the returns on promotional actions, thus helping to optimize communication and improve performance day by day.

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