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Watch a video ad about your product or service. Invite users to sign up for your emails by clicking through to your website . Show ads to users who watch specific lengths of your video, or . Strategy for Building an Engagement Audience It’s a good idea to run an engaging ad to a general cold audience. This should showcase your business generally, or one of your best-selling products, or your new release. Something that will appear to a broader audience. Here’s how a full tutorial on how to design ads to make your ads more engaging. Run your ad to the cold targeting and use engagement for a follow-up ad that vies a closer look or provides more detail.

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Let s look at using spp activity to build a custom audience next. Using an App Activity Audience If you have an app, you’ll ne to take the time to. Set up your app pixel and events so that you can use app activity to run relevant ads for your audience. Here are the available events you can set up for your app. Types of App Activity Retargeting Ads You Can Indian Phone Number List Run Users who download but haven’t open Entice them with what’s inside or how the app will improve their lives. Users who haven’t logg in for a while Create an ad highlighting a new feature, an improvement, a special event, or some other reason.

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To get involv again Users who have made a purchase Offer a coupon, discount, or other incentives to users who make another purchase. Seasonal Holiday coupons As relevant seasonal events and holidays come up, run ads to your users to gift the app, upgrade, get a pack for a discount, etc. Offer a free trial, extra tokens or time, etc. Using a Lead Generation Audience Lead generation is a Custom Audience option that allows you to create an audience from users who have engag with your lead ads. For example, you can retarget users who view the form Leads Blue page of your. Lead ads without submitting it in order to improve campaign efficiency.

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