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Other platforms you probably know the process gather your audience, retarget bas on their activity, see more conversions and lower costs per result . The idea is the same behind retargeting ads on any platform, but has its own specifics and processes that you should follow. That’s what we’ll cover in today’s pos some effective retargeting tips. If you’d like to learn how to create a retargeting strategy, read this post we made recently walking you through the entire process. Let’s get into it Takeaways You can create a Custom Audience using website traffic, customer file, engagement.

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App activity lead generation Engagement audiences are built off of users’ engagement with previous ads you’ve run, and your organic posts. Run your ad to the cold targeting and use engagement for a follow-up ad that vies a closer look or provides more detail. Why Retargeting Ads Retargeting ads are some of the best ads to run because you’re Hong Kong Phone Numbers List showing your ad to someone who has already express interest in your business, product, or service in some way. restaurant ads These people are more likely to buy from you, follow you, or take the action you’re requesting.

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These people already know your business at least a little , so you’re not using cold targeting interests, demographics or lookalike audiences. But before you can run retargeting ads, you have to set up custom  audiences. Let’s look at how to do that. Let Us Grow Your Revenue… Increase revenue with done-for-you marketing Custom marketing strategy back by data and results Affordable marketing services with no long-term contract GET A CUSTOM PROPOSAL By the way, if you are a newbie in using TikTok ads, here’s our post on TikTok ads for Leads Blue beginners that you can read next. TikTok Retargeting Tips Ads Require Custom Audiences Before you can retarget ads, you ne a custom audience.

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