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If we click it the phisher will get a password. And login to log in to accounts important to us. It is worth knowing what are the effects of such an. Attack and how to protect yourself and your lov ones against data loss. security Effects of phishing on e commerce What are the possible effects of a phisher attack For large institutions such as a bank, which entrusts its. Reputation and trust in the hands of recipients, a hacker attack can end tragically. Even though all activities carri out by the phisher took place without your knowlge or consent, this. Will significantly undermine the trust of your recipients.

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Leaking data and exposing them to further. Dissemination results in the loss of customers, the destruction of reputation and the ruction of trust in your brand in the future. Many people online can fall victim to a phisher or have already fallen victim to it, but don’t know it yet. One of the direct effects of a phisher attack on yourself is identity theft. Exposing yourself to data loss by clicking random links in private messages is the order of the day. Identity Colombia Mobile Number List and data theft allows fraudsters to take out loans, crits or even buy many things in our name and data without our knowlge. A large number of people are robb for quite small amounts, so it can take years for the victim to know that he is the victim of a phisher.

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That is why it is always worth looking. Carefully at all messages that reach our e mail. How to recognize a fake message from a person impersonating. Our bank or favorite store Very often, the sender’s e mail may differ by one letter or come from the main domain. While in banking institutions advertising messages or information about changing the regulations often come from our account manager. It is also worth reading each message calmly and not taking hasty actions. See Surreptitious advertising what is it and why should you beware of it security. Anti Leads Blue phishing methods What are the methods of defense against an attack on the network that you can easily implement to protect you and your data.

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