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Subsequently coaching also us it. Currently, it is a very popular tool that is us in various organizations and industries. ward de Bon’s method is call The Thinking Hats because it involves putting a hat on your head metaphorically. Each hat has a different color and represents a different way of thinking and approaching the problem under discussion. As you put on all the hats in turn, you must adopt the perspective represent by the one you are currently wearing. Five of them present a specific attitude, and the sixth governs the others.

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Hat White hat This is the first hat to wear. He is responsible for the information. At this stage, we present only dry facts about the situation or problem. We describe step by step what happen and what information we have. It is an objective analysis, without taking action, coming up with solutions or evaluating the situation. R hat He is Chile Mobile Number List responsible for feelings. It is the opposite of a white hat. All emotions, premonitions, intuitions relat to the discuss problem should appear here. Also those that occurr violently immiately after the occurrence of the situation. Green hat The green hat is associat with creativity.

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By imposing it on ourselves, we should. Look at the problem in an unconventional way. Creative solutions, an unconventional approach to the situation, an extraordinary assessment this is the space for these activities. Yellow hat This hat is associat with optimism. We draw as many positive observations and conclusions as possible from the situation. We also try to come up with optimistic solutions and indicate the possibilities of their implementation. Black hat This is the pessimist’s hat. Now our task is to find the weak points and disadvantages Leads Blue of the situation in question. We evaluate what fail and why. We also take imaginary solutions and think about their negative consequences.

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