Content marketing 10 types of content to increase visits

10 content marketing formats to increase visits 1# expert surveys if you want to offer a full and varied perspective on a topic, ask the experts what they think and collect their feedback in an article. To start, you can look for more posts of this type and write to the professionals who have collaborated on them, since it is possible that they will be encouraged. To easily collect their opinions, the easiest thing to do is to send them a survey through google forms or typeform. 2# webinars this type of content not only works great to increase traffic, but it can also bring you very interesting leads and help you build relationships with influencers in your industry.

10 content marketing formats to increase visits

To organize a webinar , you will need to have specific UAE Phone Number List software, such as hangout + youtube, adobe connect, gotowebinar or webinarjam. Make sure you do some testing before the event so everything goes smoothly. Although you can organize the content of the webinar on your own, it is always a good idea to have the input of an expert in your field to attract more visits. And after the event, don’t forget to post an article with the transcript. 3# podcasts podcasts are in fashion, as more and more users are listening to them and brands are jumping on the bandwagon .

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Expert surveys

To create a good podcast , you need to come up with an Leads Blue approach that fits with your brand values ​​and select a set of themes that play to produce content on a regular basis. Once again, having expert guests will help you add value to your audience. Email series email marketing is more alive than ever, but creativity often fails us when planning this type of content. We know that we have to send welcome and confirmation emails and offer discounts and promotions. But when it comes to integrating email marketing with content marketing, few go beyond sending out an occasional newsletter.

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