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Home Interestingly enough Kellogg s has more Twitter followers Pop Tarts has That s more than enough to qualify them as one of the best brands on social mia More and more restaurants are beginning to tweak their Twitter marketing strategy filling their accounts with funny and sometimes questionable tweets But it s paying off People click follow because they enjoy the content en if they don t patronize the brand But down the road they might become a happy customer just because of your social mia content Studies have shown consumers like to see brands that are funny and aren t afraid of a little friendly competition on social mia brands on social mia You see.

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Brands often struggle in overcoming the first phase of reaching out to their audience This is usually when people still see them as just another faceless brand And more often than not when users stumble upon these advertisements in social mia They usually ignore the message especially if it s from a brand they don t know That s where you can use humor It helps in catching the user s attention and breaking the barrier in between Stocking your Cayman Islands Mobile Number List arsenal of jokes might result in a high conversion rate Pop Tarts is also great at interacting with their fans They like to toast their fans which is like roast one tweet reads but actually funny How can you apply these principles.

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To your own Twitter marketing strategy First of all figure out your brand voice and stick to it If you can t imagine tweeting something like This is more beautiful than my ex which doesn t really say much tbh I ner ne you for your business don t That may work for Pop Tart s brand voice but it doesn t have to be yours best brands on social mia Hower you do ne to put some thought into what you want your brand s voice to be and once you ve decid post consistently and stay on brand Interacting with customers and fans is also extremely important Social mia Twitter Leads Blue in particular exerts a huge influence on the buying habits of many consumers of Twitter s million active users.

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