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Pinterest But to save time and to make sure. You re not pushing your product too much repin content from others too Wayfair Instagram has a slew. Of new features that make things uber easy for brands If you utilize the app s shopping features it s no longer difficult to get the casual scroller off of the Instagram app and onto your site Instead it can happen with just one tap of a finger Wayfair has been selling furniture and home goods since And they ve been getting conversions from Instagram since the new shopping features came out in early.

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Making them one of the best brands on social. Mia Wayfair s Instagram account is full of beautiful photos of sleek and attractive living room. Or broom sets If followers like what they see all they have to do to view pr details is tap on the photo. And from there it s easy to navigate to Wayfair s website Occasionally Wayfair intersperses these photos with humorous quotes such as Does refuse to do the dishes count as resistance training These posts are a great way to drive customer interaction They get approximately comments instead of Wayfair s usual best Chile Mobile Number List brands social mia of an Instagram users million people find new brands on Instagram Meaning this is a platform your small business absolutely must take advantage of Here s how First your business profile.

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Has to have a product catalog set up on. With Shopify or BigCommerce or another applicable shopping platform Once Instagram approves your account you re good to go. Using the shopping features is simple when you upload a photo you tag the products in the photo just like you d tag friends in a group picture Your followers can then click on the products pictur and view them on your website Instagram also has shoppable stories where you can add a product sticker to a photo on your story Instagram stories are just as important as posts so don t overlook Leads Blue them Key takeaways Utilize all features that are available on any given social platform Make it painless and easy.

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