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Early hints code that allows the browser. To preload resources before the page response is ready. Correctly implement, it allows you to improve indicators that measure the spe and performance of websites, ie. Google Core Web Vitals, about which you can read more in our other article Core. Web Vitals what are they and how to measure them Connection. Tim Out connection tim out; the server takes too long to respond. Connection Refus connection has been reject. Success Codes Success codes starting with mean that the server receiv and then successfully process the client’s request.

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Among them we can distinguish. OK the content has been correctly display. Creat creat; similar to status , but in this case new content was creat e.g. new page. Accept accept; the request has been accept but has not yet been process. Non Authoritative Information non authoritative information; something has chang and the information does not exactly Argentina Mobile Number List match the server’s original response, but is from local or external copies. No content no content; the request was successfully process, however, no content exists in this case. Reset content restore content; the query was complet by the server and the browser should restore the original appearance of the document.

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By cleaning the complet form. Partial content partial content; the server complet the request, but only part of the content was sent. Rirect codes a Rirect codes indicate that the server had to perform some other task before it could display the results. Most often, you can talk about rirecting from one to another. An example is the situation when we enter artefact.pl in the browser bar , and after going to the select page, the exact in the bar will be Leads Blue artefact.pl. Although it might seem that both addresses are the same, from the perspective of the positioning process and in reality they would be duplicates of each other.

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