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Billion people to reports from previous years. We will see that this number is growing year by year. This was certainly influenc by the coronavirus. Pandemic , which began in after the worst period of the pandemic, both remote work and the general digitization of everyday life stay with us. Numbers and data may sound promising so many potential consumers in a strictly defin space. Nothing, just start the campaign and with a grab as much of the market as possible for yourself. Well partly, because with such a great potential that lies dormant in social mia, the competition is equally great, and the more content on the web, the faster potential recipients will eat up with it.

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So how to stand out from the crowd and use what is hidden in social mia. What trends will rule in The human face of the brand be authentic. After so many years of watching direct, powder and glitter content, Internet users are already sick of them. It is authenticity that is slowly becoming a determinant of the success of social mia platforms. It is not without reason that the BeReal application began to enjoy such great popularity around mid. Its ass Algeria Mobile Number List  umptions are brilliant in their simplicity once every hours all users of the application receive it on their smartphonesnotification. That it’s time to be real and from that moment they have exactly minutes to take a photo. No filters, no special trip to any of the famous places in the area.

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The application captures both the front camera and the one on the back of the phone so that friends can see our face and what we are currently doing. what is bereal Source bere.alen Short video content ​​will still be effective Nothing will change here TikToki , Reels on Instagram, Reels on Facebook and even YouTube Shorts. A short and dynamic form of video will still be welcome on the web. Due to the saturation of stimuli with which we are Leads Blue attack on the web from every side every second , the so call attention span of the average Internet user has significantly decreas.

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