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Trustworthiness ranking factor will gain in importance in the coming years. To be successful in content in , you ne to understand the search intent as much as possible and satisfy the user s ne. At the same time, in order to stand out among high competition, it will be necessary to create longer, better quality content , enrich with the author and other signals that prove the authority and expertise of the website. The challenge for content specialists will be not only creating new content, but also returning to old content, which is worth refreshing regularly. Affect the advertising industry. We can expect increas.

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Increasing conversions from content activities Strong competition in the digital space and the potential of content to collect sales leads will make focus on increasing conversion in online stores. Content, which in many companies is often treat as an activity that generates costs rather than profits, can become a valuable source of acquiring customers. Thus, a huge amount of new content will require personalization and the effect of highlighting and greater Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List subtlety in sales campaigns. The fight for the podium will be won by those brands that provide the customer with additional value and encourage active consumption of content, but without unnecessary intrusiveness in the form of buy now.

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Adapting content to mobile applications Speaking of active consumption of content, it is worth mentioning the ways of its distribution. One aspect that is rarely mention in content is the technical side of our mium. In a way, this is the work of the UI or programmers. However, it is worth being aware that the actions of many specialists can determine the success of content. We can write the best article, provide great value to users, and Leads Blue potentially lucrative traffic for the company, but not adapt the page to Google s requirements.

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