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The introduction of the new advertising space is to make it easier for advertisers to gain customers at a time when they are most interest in specific products and services and more willing to familiarize themselves with their offer. The way it works is very simple by browsing their favorite websites or using specific Google services, users receive the best suit and personaliz ads. google discover ad Source https google ads answer hl en ref topic New quality of responsive display ads In mid , three of the many new responsive display ad layouts test by Google were introduc.

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Each of them has automatic image enhancements. Smart cropping and text overlays. In addition, the advertising system can automatically create video ads using already enter graphics and texts. It is worth recalling that display ads are generat automatically from the resources upload by the advertiser images, headlines, logos, video and advertising Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List texts. The system learns and optimizes combinations of all these elements, matching the advertisement to a specific place. As a result, it can take the form of a static, short informational ad or a dynamic text ad.

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The novelties introduc in the tool are intend. To improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of display advertisements. Source https google ads answer hl en ref topic Shopping campaigns support by the campaign performance planner. In September , Google Ads introduc Shopping campaigns to the Campaign Performance dashboard. This is a feature that many e commerce advertisers have been waiting for. Campaign Performance. Planner is a tool that supports companies in better budget management. From now on, it is possible to set sales forecasts for both product campaigns and smart product campaigns. Thanks to the new Leads Blue functionality, we can obtain information about the impact of the plann budget on the number of conversions and average.

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