Why is it important to define ROI

The ROI defines the effectiveness of the activities that are carried out and keep expenses under control both from an operational point of view and from the business choices to be defined for the future.

Calculating ROI is essential for several aspects. Among the main ones we find the justification for certain marketing expenses, the ability to give priority to certain expenses and monitor the progress of the actions implemented.

The effectiveness of email marketing for your blog’s ROI

Now that you fully understand what ROI is and its importance, let’s find out together how email marketing is the best strategy to increase ROI for your blog.

Compared to other communication channels, email marketing boasts a higher ROI . According to statistics, for every $1 spent on an email marketing strategy, $36 comes back ( source Litmus ).

This is a fundamental fact to know if you want Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka to integrate an email marketing strategy for your blog, as it allows you to know in advance what the earnings of your strategy will be.

Why does email marketing have such a high ROI?

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Before talking about the factors that lead email marketing to be the channel with the greatest ROI, it should be noted that it is the perfect channel for long-term goals. This is because it retains readers, step by step, leading them, newsletter after newsletter, to conversion.

In fact, you can send all the communications you want at very low cost.


Remember that email marketing is a channel that speaks directly with your subscribers and readers , creating a more lasting and solid relationship over time, making it easier for them to become loyal.

How to increase ROI with email marketing?

There are several factors to keep an eye on when building a successful email marketing strategy for your blog. But there are small and simple tricks that will allow you to take full advantage Leads Blue of the email channel to increase ROI.

The first tip to increase ROI with email marketing is to create communications with attention to every detail .

Create a simple but functional template so as not to confuse the user, use images intelligently, especially to deepen or highlight the inserted texts. The latter must be short, simple and direct. Don’t forget to insert CTAs, i.e. buttons which contain a link to your site.

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