Why choose LinkedIn for B2B

Given the professional nature of this social network, it is clear that companies whose target audience are other companies are the ones who benefit most from it.

In short, for B2B, LinkedIn represents a particularly valuable platform for being able to emerge in highly competitive sectors by exploiting, in addition to the company profile, the personal profile of those who experience the company every day .

One of the primary objectives of those who use LinkedIn, not surprisingly, is to gradually transform themselves into the most authoritative figure and voice within the specific sector to which they belong . And how to do it if not by constantly publishing interesting and original content capable of answering the questions and doubts of the target audience, according to the basic

By taking advantage of LinkedIn, on the other hand, companies can :

  • Generate more leads ;
  • Retain existing customers ; 
  • Expand the network of collaborations; 
  • Increase your reputation ;
  • Increase your visibility ;
  • Networking . _

However, to obtain these advantages it is essential to act on LinkedIn with a well-defined strategy.

Best practices to know


Create and optimize your LinkedIn profile and company LinkedIn profile : the LinkedIn profile will be your business card and it is therefore necessary to take care Poland Phone Number List of it from the beginning considering texts and images. Choose a professional profile photo or brand logo for the company page and dedicate care and attention to the section reserved for the description of the business . Present clearly and convincingly what makes you different from the competition and delve into your previous experiences in the dedicated section.

Identify your buyer persona

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as with any good marketing activity, even the one on LinkedIn can only start from the definition of the target audience. Knowing your ideal customer in a precise and detailed way will allow you to hypothesize their interests and build strategic contents for them capable of attracting attention.

Create relevant and valuable content : whether you’re using your personal profile or your company LinkedIn profile, it’s essential to follow a precise logic when it comes to Leads Blue defining content. In order to become an industry authority you will need to publish relevant content for your target audience such as articles, guides, case studies, industry news and so on . To date, LinkedIn offers several possibilities: the best solution is always to experiment and track the results.

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