What to do before creating custom contact lists

When developing a B2B email marketing strategy for your company, it is important to ask yourself which is the most appropriate target to send communications. Your business contact database should have certain features to improve campaign performance and help you achieve your goals. What factors must be taken into account? How to choose an email list to use in mailings.


In this article we have identified

key points that can help you create your personalized business contact list. quick links 1. 5 things to consider when building your B2B email database 1.1. 1. Quantity 1.2. 2. Profiles 1.3. 3. Quality 1.4. 4. Compliance with the GDPR and LSSI 1.5. 5. Powers 5 things to consider when building your B2B China Phone Number List email database 1. Quantity The size of the target audience is the main element that influences the success of your activities. With cold door email marketing, you address an audience that you do not know and that comes into contact with your company for the first time.

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That’s why it’s essential to think in big volumes

more recipients you have, the more leads you can generate . For your B2B campaigns, BTOMAIL provides many company email addresses in various sectors. Our rich database  Leads Blue contains 500,000 contacts from Spanish companies and 1,000,000 contacts from Italian companies. It offers you a large number of potential clients , whatever your sector.

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