What is content marketing?

What is content marketing? According to the definition of joe pulizzi, content marketing or content marketing is a technique based on the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract. Acquire and attract the attention of a well-defined target audience , with the aim of encouraging them to be future clients. This strategy is based, therefore, on providing value to the user for free. It does not focus on getting immediate purchases, but rather seeks to attract the user and develop a long-term relationship. It is like an investment that seeks to achieve better results for the brand in the future, instead of instant gratification. Content marketing and inbound marketing a very frequent confusion that should be clarified is the distinction between content marketing and inbound marketing . Both concepts are closely related and may even overlap, but ultimately they are different things.

What is content marketing?

While content marketing is a technique that is based Business Owner Phone Numbers List on offering the customer valuable content that may be of interest to them, inbound marketing is a whole methodology that is based on attracting the customer to the brand and nurturing a relationship with them to get them to become a customer and retain them in the long term. The term inbound marketing arises as opposed to ” outbound ” or traditional marketing , which is based on interrupting the user to get our message across (think of typical television ads, for example). Do not fall into the mistake of thinking that outbound is equivalent to analog and inbound to digital, since in digital marketing there are also many outbound techniques, such as advertising banners or pre-roll ads (which are shown before a video that the user wants to reproduce).

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Content marketing and inbound marketing

Within the inbound methodology, content marketing plays a key role , since Leads Blue content often serves as the “Bait” that serves to attract users to the brand. But there are some essential differences : inbound marketing deals with the entire process, from the initial acquisition of the user until he becomes a customer and builds loyalty . Content marketing is a specific technique that serves to attract customers in the initial stages, or can even play a certain role in loyalty, but ultimately it is an aid to the process and not a methodology in itself. It is possible to do content marketing without doing inbound marketing, for example, by sending a mass newsletter.

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