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Researching the user s activities on the website s subpage thanks to Google Analytics metrics The user could spend a lot of time on a specific subpage of the website only because. he went to the computer pick. up the phone, went to make dinner, start. watching a TV series. And here once again Google Analytics metrics fail, indicating a high conversion, which is not synonymous with taking any user action on the website and which does not generate high sales results. Macro and micro conversions why is it worth measuring them Effective measurement of customer involvement in the content publish. on the website consists not only in monitoring macro conversions, but also and even above all micro conversions.

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Its optimization allows you to influence what is the main goal of every website owner, i.e. high traffic on the website and a large number of desir. user reactions. Taking care of high conversion and low conversion allows you to understand the behavior of website users, well optimize the purchasing process, keep track of what works and what doesn t easily, quickly and most importantly effectively respond to the ne.s of users. Such regular Northeast Mobile Phone Number List activities significantly contribute to the success of the website, brand and the entire enterprise. So let s take care of the conversion both big and small. A hashtag is a word or phrase that begins with the character, call. hash.

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They are mainly us. in social m.ia and online marketing to mark content eg reflections on a topic, photos or videos. Labels allow users to quickly find the content they are interest. in. Initially, hashtags were us. only on Twitter. However, it was populariz. by Instagram. They have gain. popularity to such an extent that they are currently us. not only by Twitter and Instagram users, but also by users of many other popular social networking sites they have Leads Blue been indicat. and briefly describ. below. Hashtags what are they and what are they for Today, hashtags are an important marketing tool us.


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