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So before we dive into the recovery tutorial, the first thing we want to do is give you these things to look for before you give them access to anything. Things To Look For To Help You Identify A Scam . Their name and email. In the words of Gen Z, do they look sus This means, is there anything off or suspicious about them This is a screenshot of a scammer that emailed one of our clients, and her name was Natasha Hello. recovery Hello is probably not her real last name. We had another instance one time where a business owner reached out to us because a scammer had.

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Contacted them pretending to be LYFE Marketing. And in this specific case, the business owner thought they had been talking with one of our team managers personally because this was the person brandilyfemarkting emailing them. It might seem legit at first if you’re not paying much attention, but if you look, there is no ‘e’ in the word Austria Phone Numbers List marketing. You have to keep in mind that it’s not hard for scammers to pick an email that seems legitimate. All they have to do is find people who work at LYFE on LinkedIn pick their first name, save their profile picture to use for the fake.

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Account they re making, and wa la They ve created a fairly believable fake email account to scam business owners with. In these specific cases, we always tell people the most surefire way to know you’re talking with a true representative from a company is for you to reach out to them. Go to their website and fill out their contact form or call their phone number on your own. Don’t follow the links and phone numbers the potential scammer is Leads Blue giving you. See if the contact information you’re finding aligns with the contact information of the person communicating with you.

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