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GA the point of departure and arrival is the user. It is around the user that reports are focus, and the data collection model is to provide as. Much information as possible about the recipients of the website and or application because the new service. Allows you to combine these sources. Reports are therefore organiz according to the path that users follow. First, we analyze acquisition the source of traffic, then engagement, and finally revenue generation and retention. Doesn’t this look like the next stages of the sales funnel What’s more, thanks to the focus on the. User, the measurement model is bas on completely different mechanisms.

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In Universal the user provid sessions and. Page views, and specific events were measur only from the session level. If the user was inactive for half an hour or. Clos the browser, and after a quarter of an hour open it again and only then convert. Analytics Czech Republic Mobile Number List Universal count it as two separate sessions, two users : one session without conversion, one with. Conversion, although de facto getting a conversion is the next step in a longer process, not a separate action. changes analytics universal Source: https: analytics answer. Changing conditions require new measures. Universal stopp working in the changing virtual environment.

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Let s imagine our own shopping paths. Browsing social mia, we come across an attractive advertisement for shoes, click on it and enter the online. Store’s website we browse the offer, but after a while we go back to scrolling, in the evening of the same. Day, having a moment of time, we go directly to the store’s website and look at the products again, add a few. To the basket but we still ne time to think, so we close the browser with the complet. Basket, two Leads Blue days later, on the weekend, we return to the store’s website, verify the basket, and finish shopping. In the attribution model that operat in.

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