The email address database: key element of the marketing strategy

In order not to “burn” contacts, it is good that each email marketing operation is studied, directed and well managed. From start to finish. If you manage each Email Marketing campaign in the best possible way, your database of email addresses will also improve. But let’s see how and why. Three steps to better manage your email database Segment the email address database Regardless of how populated it is, each database of email addresses contains different and therefore classifiable contacts.


The database must

be analyzed and segmented into different mailing lists before each mailing. A priori: by sector, by area of ​​activity, by size, by Canada Phone Number List origin of the address (how we obtained it), if it is genericor personalized); by domain and therefore by nationality. And then, by the type of relationship that openness to dialogue, demonstration of interest, rejected contact or manifested disinterest.

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BTOMAIL has dedicated

A series of lessons to teach how to manage an Email Marketing campaign and the database of email addresses. See the lesson on structuring and segmenting the email address database . Always avoid sending Leads Blue each communication to the entire database of email addresses: segment and focus on the target audience. Do not stress your mailing list and you can attract the attention and interest of readers.

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