The 7 Best Content Marketing Tools for 2020

7 content marketing tools for 2020 1) pexels: free image bank it is already known that a picture is worth more than 1000 words. Although your content marketing is based on blog articles, images are essential to illustrate concepts and attract attention. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good resource to find photographs. Pexels pexels is completely free and offers good quality photos that are well tagged and easy to search for. They have hundreds of thousands of high-resolution images and add new assets every day, both from their collaborations with photographers and from other free image websites like pixabay. The photographs are distributed under the pexels license, which is based on these rules: all photos are free.

7 content marketing tools for 2020

It is not necessary to quote the photographer or pexels. Although Chinese UK Phone Number List it is always appreciated. Photos can be edited and modified as much as you like. 2) piktochart: create your own graphics infographics and graphics are a type of content that works very well. Since the information is easily captured and they also have a high viral potential . But if you are not a designer, creating an attractive graphic can be difficult for you. Piktochart to the rescue! Picktochart piktochart allows you to create infographics. Posters, presentations, brochures and reports quickly and easily thanks to its drag and drop editor. You can change the size and color. Rotate elements, copy or delete sections, and much more.

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Pexels: free image bank

You can also directly import the results of a surveymonkey survey Leads Blue or a google spreadsheet and let this tool do the work for you. Piktochart includes hundreds of templates and thousands of images and icons organized by categories, plus interactive features like videos and maps. You can start using it with the free version and then upgrade to the pro or pro team plans to enjoy more options. 3) wordpress: the basic content manager wordpress is the most popular content manager worldwide: 1 in 4 websites are made with it. And of course, there are good reasons for this.

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