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Will open in WhatsApp is currently testing. This feature on ads, but it is not available to all yet new social mia updates What is Testing and. Hoping to Roll Out Soon A button for quote requests on your business page and on ads You’ll get these requests via messenger This button would be available in Lead ads and Customer Acquisition campaigns new social mia updates marketing and remarketing in the Business Suite This will be a game changer for your marketing funnels if it works well File Manager, so you can create, manage, and post content within the.

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Business Suite testing for organic posts, so you. Can learn what your audience likes best new social mia updates wants to offer more packages for small. Businesses, like an ad coupon along with free access to QuickBooks accounting software for three months or free access to creative tool Canva Pro for three months E plore will soon be available to the Unit States and internationally This includes countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia Poland Mobile Number List New Zealand Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, and the Unit Kingdom new social mia updates And, the thing we’re personally.

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The most e cit about, is finally testing Work. Accounts This is so you don’t ne to use your personal account with your business stuff. This is one of the only tests with an e pect launch date wants to roll this out in We still have new social mia updates on in, Twitter, and Instagram platforms ne t but first, here’s our social mia ads training course that you might want to check out This course will surely help you master social mia advertising and generate more results from your ads Summary will be rolling out new messenger features as part of their Leads Blue new personalization tools for small businesses In Business Tools for Engagement As stat in their announcement.

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