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Make sure they are in a visible place. The choice is the purchase. In short The fourth stage is the choice, i.e. the purchase the consumer decides to use some service that will meet his ne. Purchases a Spanish course offer by a specific company. More After analyzing more or less products or services, the consumer finds that one one of them meets his expectations to the greatest extent. Then it goes to the next stage making a choice is tantamount to making a purchase. It would seem that the client is already ours but it happens that he resigns at the last moment.

Purchasing Decisions Are Also

What is a cause of it It may be a difficult purchase the customer wants to go through as few steps as possible to meet his ne or the unavailability of the select item in the store, which the consumer did not learn about in the earlier stages. Tip Make your purchase as simple and quick as possible. Also, make sure to inform your customers about any shortages in stock. Let me know when exactly the product will be back in the offer, and if you can t clearly define the time promise to inform the customer personally by phone or e mail. Becoming aware of the Conduit CN consequences of the choice In short. The fifth stage is awareness of the effects of the choice the consumer assesses whether his choice was the right one.

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He wonders if the Spanish course he bought met his ne to learn the language. More The customer is satisfi or dissatisfi with his choice, and may also which happens most rarely be indifferent towards him. In the first case the customer is satisfi with the purchase he will probably use the services of a given company in the future and will recommend it to his friends. In the second case customer dissatisfi with the purchase neither he nor his relatives will want to be customers of a given company. A customer who realizes the effects of his choice becomes Leads Blue someone who motivates other consumers to buy a given product or service external.

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