Here Are Some Ways to Connect With Link Boosters

These platforms for sources and experts on your content. All of these have free access to registered journalists with sources and reporters. Homework Work on your about page This step must be taken before any aggressive outreach because developing your personal brand must start with your own website. Make sure your about page is impressive enough to help you tell your personal story and your work at every opportunity you come across. Tell us about your experience and expertise. List all your social media profiles. Make sure your social media bio details your expertise. This is also a good time to strengthen your brand image.

These come in various forms such as written Q&As

They say it takes at least one impression for someone to remember your brand so use your multiple channels, your website and social media Latest Mailing Database profiles to constantly remind your contacts. Add your testimonials. These are not necessarily clients but niche peers or colleagues who compliment your skills. Add contact details. This is very important. Remember that any email can end up in the spam folder so make a list of how other people, clients and journalists can contact you. Adding a phone number is always a good idea. This will not only make you look more professional but also make you easier to find. There are business phone apps that allow you to use an affordable business phone without giving out your personal phone number.

Chats podcasts live broadcasts on social media

Latest Mailing Database

There are also great contact page templates here to give you more ideas on how to design your own. It’s also a good idea to provide multiple engagement Leads Blue opportunities on the page to get information from people who aren’t ready to connect with you. For example you can embed a video or add polls. You can embed surveys to direct visitors to the correct page. Ask them about your site or your experience. Personalize the survey interactively and add one or more visual element variables. This will allow you to stand out from preference filters that may already exist on your site. Once your about page and social media channels look good you can start actively seeking media mentions. Interviews Interviews are one of the most popular content formats today.

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