Media Namely Journalists and Bloggers to Get Featured in Top Media

The following is an example of a summary index. You can click on the article that matches your business to find more details on what reporters need and how to submit a response. You can also explore some alternatives The Shit Rack is a premium service that connects PR and marketing professionals with journalists and bloggers. More than just opportunities in your inbox, this service allows you to search journalists and bloggers by industry, broadcast location, media type, or custom queries. You can also create alerts to see when journalists mention your business so you can feature them at the right time Create media lists for outreach campaigns Measure the results of campaigns and get priority support from information specialists.

Sources will receive periodic emails based on

You can also subscribe to Here’s a free news digest delivered to your inbox daily. If you’re not ready for professional planning this can at least help database you start connecting with the right people online. Professor Network is a premium service connecting experts with journalists and bloggers. They also point out that it’s not just journalists and bloggers but also government officials, universities, researchers, publishers and others who seek expert resources. For businesses looking for new ways to build high-quality links, this means the opportunity to get mentioned on and on websites and reputable media outlets. Sources will receive email requests from professionals seeking sources.

Available opportunities on topics of their choice


They will also have the opportunity to create expert profiles to link to press releases sent to the most important media outlets. Before subscribing Leads Blue you will receive a free trial of their service which includes a startup demo. After the free trial you will learn about the rate. The rate depends on the number of users you need access to, the type of organization and the industry you want to generate leads from. Source Glass is another similar network where you can join a source or reporter for free.

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