Anyone working in B2B today cannot help but

Bbe present on LinkedIn , the platform launched in 2003 which in 20 years of activity has established itself as the professional social network par excellence. With over 830 million users and more than 58 million companies , LinkedIn is the ideal tool for reaching a highly precise and segmented target and generating new leads . On the other hand, it is the very nature of this social network that makes it possible, encouraging discussion and interaction between professionals on vertical issues relating to the world of work. But how to make the most of LinkedIn for B2B and define an effective strategy to and increase weave profitable professional relationships?

The LinkedIn platform

Since its official launch on May 5, 2003, LinkedIn has experienced exponential growth to 830 million users worldwide to date. Always recognized as the social platform oriented to the South Korea Phone Number List professional world, LinkedIn offers a wide range of opportunities for companies operating in the B2B sector . In fact, despite being the favorite social network for those looking for a new job, LinkedIn is the tool of choice for all professionals who want to network, share and consume content related to the world of work and generate commercial leads .

In Italy, users use LinkedIn 

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not only to look for a new job but also to stay updated on new trends and connect with other professionals . It’s no surprise then that LinkedIn has become the primary channel for companies targeting the B2B target group considering that overall, 80% of B2B leads earned from social media come from LinkedIn .

To make it easier to define a B2B strategy for LinkedIn, the ever-new features of the platform contribute, which has undergone considerable evolution over the years. Suffice it to Leads Blue say that, to date, users are allowed to publish articles, share videos, carousels and surveys and participate in discussion groups . In short, a complete tool that makes it increasingly possible to increase business opportunities.

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