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At this stage, the target group should be well. Defin and the advertisement should be creat, taking into account its nes and expectations. Sales funnel example of operation at stage The customer sees an advertisement of your product, on Facebook or on the website where he is currently locat. Stage. Interest The second stage of the sales funnel is interest. It is the quality of the advertisement both its visual and textual layer that determines. Whether someone will pay attention to the product and the entire offer. When creating an advertisement, it is worth taking. Care of elements such as aesthetics, originality and an interesting, simple message.

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Sales funnel example of operation in stage. The customer clicks on the product ad he saw on Facebook and goes to your store s website. Stage. Desire The third stage of the shopping funnel is desire. At this stage, it is important to present your products or services well. Descriptions of products and services should be comprehensive, but not too long Canada Mobile Number List so that the. Customer can obtain all the information he is interest in in the shortest possible. Time consistent with the facts and rich in keywords and phrases. It is worth in addition to the text layer to take care. Of placing good quality photos and videos of products.

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Sales funnel an example of operation at stage. The customer gets acquaint with the offer of your products, evaluates them and decides that he wants to make a purchase. Stage. Action The fourth stage of the sales funnel is the action, the purchase. Only reaching this stage by the customer guarantees sales, and thus profits. Therefore, it is worth making sure that making a purchase is as simple as possible a few clicks. For this purpose, it is good to give customers a choice regarding the method of payment card payment, blik payment, payment option before receiving the goods, option of payment on delivery. Sales funnel an example of operation at stage. The Leads Blue customer completes the purchase form or puts the product in the basket and makes a purchase.

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