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At our fingertips we have opinions, videos. Recordings or photos that allow us to get to know the group we are interest in better. When running a company, as well as any marketing activities, we should first ask ourselves who are we addressing our business to. Who do we want to convince Who is will be our recipient This is crucial because actions aim at everyone are really aim at no one. These questions should also appear in every strategy. To find the answer to them. Will come to our aid what is it as the name suggests, is relat to the Internet and the virtual world.

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Its name was creat from the combination. Of two words ethnography and the Internet. It is mainly bas on the use of a repertoire of techniques and methods. Of anthropological and ethnographic research in the virtual world. Initially. Play only an auxiliary role and enrich information from interviews with a virtual context. Today, thanks to it, it is Jordan Mobile Number List possible to examine elements of the behavior of the community, but also of individual recipients. While ethnography was creat to analyze ethnic groups. Has more unlimit possibilities and is better suit to the modern digital world. Creating these documents does not have to be.

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The benefits that brands have from reaching for. Data from the Internet are undeniable. This contribut to the popularization of the concept of . in recent years. Until recently, marketing representatives in Poland react with surprise to the mention of it, which is why extensive explanations and systematization of . were ne. Currently, it is us in research for various brands that want to develop products and communication, and also care about Leads Blue their image. Is the extraction of data from the Internet using, for example, the analysis of social listening statistics, user interviews, and keyword analysis.

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