Since when is email marketing done

The sending of newsletters , intended as periodic. Schedule and sectoral inform updates, was not yet widely used except by some large companies. Not to mention commercial DEM campaigns  which were more unique than rare at the time. And remain one of the few web tools that isn’t overuse. However, direct email marketing was initially considers.

The characteristic result

of such an operation shows disastrous statistics. Think: introductory emails sent to 10,000 companies. we get a response from about 30; if we are lucky, we make 2 or 3 sales. Game over. Is it effective to send the Brazil Phone Number List same email multiple times? To do? Send the same presentation, to the same 10,000 contacts, multiple times and see if someone didn’t read, was distracted, or reconsidered? It can be an idea.

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The people you already communicate

with will think that your database of email addresses is out of date and that you are sending the same communications all over the world. You are losing a sales opportunity and above all, you are burning your email Leads Blue address database , one of the most valuable resources for any online marketing and email marketing operation.

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