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Contact info is stor in your Ads Manager for you to download manually or for you to automate into your CRM We have a whole post we made just around the setup and e ecution of the lead ads So if that sounds like something of interest to you, we’d highly recommend you read that post ne t Another option is you can also automate a Messages campaign ad funnel This is where the goal is to get them messaging directly with your page via messenger You can set up a few automat and conditional “if they say this, then send this” type prompts within your Ads.

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Manager This is so interest leads can get the information they ne from your ad instantly and be prompt to schule an appointment to speak with you, for e ample Another good campaign to use depending on the nature of your business could be the app install campaign ad funnel That is if your app allows users to make an account for free Because, again, we’re not Oman Mobile Number List asking for a sale just yet The middle of the funnel is all about getting them plugg into your brand a little deeper So if your business does not require having a meeting or phone call with a lead prior to the.

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Purchase you can still use some of these same campaigns, but for a different purpose For e ample, you can still use these lead gen campaigns to get their contact information in e change for a different kind of lead magnet such as coupon code, have early access to a new product launch, or eBook that’s relat to your product or service Meanwhile, the contact information you receive from them can be funnel into your marketing campaign As well as be Leads Blue retarget on, which we’ll get into in a second But overall, with this part of your ad funnel, you want to be able to say.

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