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That is because of a lot of the new privacy. Restrictions with the iOS update and such, there are more limitations, not less. If you ever us the old Audience Insights tool, you know what we’re talking about. The main use of the old Audience Insights was to gather more data about your target audience and this new tool is not as efficient at doing that. You may think, “Well it still lets you see the top pages that your target audience is interest in But does it really. Take a look at this. These are the top pages for a potential audience where we have not enter in any interests or age, location, or anything yet.

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Audience insights We see Tasty, Walmart. Amazon, Target, app, etc. Now let’s go back and make the location the Unit States. We’re going to make the minimum age and add interest in digital marketing. When we scroll back down and look, the top pages are exactly the same. And a few of the latter pages are the same as well, just all in a different Germany Mobile Number List order. Let’s go back and change the interest to Sunday Brunch. Same thing. Let’s try mechanical engineering, a totally different niche. Tasty, Walmart, Amazon, app are all still on the list. The top page of Donald Trump was also already on this list earlier too.

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Just in a lower position. The problem we’re seeing here is that it’s not really showing you pages that are specific to your audience. These top pages are so popular that they’re likely to be lik by a vast number of any target audience. So before you hit the back button thinking, “okay then why did you show me how to use Audience Insights Let us clarify that we’re not saying this new. Audience Insights tool is completely useless. We think it’s at least worth Leads Blue looking at, especially the pages lower on the list as those seem to change a little more with the different interests.

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