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Łukasz gave a lecture How to create content for unusual industries . Apart from Łukasz, Michał Kasprzyk from Cleverheart Showrunners agency, Izabela Rott from Wills Integrat agency and Joanna Rychel from Unity Group present their point of view. Crash Mondays Crash Mondays is an industry meetup where marketing theory is collid with the experience of practitioners. As the name suggests, meetings are always held on Mondays. They are organiz once a month, and each event is a different topic. You can take part in it not only in Wrocław, but also in Kraków, Warsaw and Gdynia.

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The originators of this format are Ania Lwoń. Blacha from the More Bananas agency and Anka Armatys. The Wrocław bas founder is Agnieszka. Zagrobelna, together with Katarzyna Krupicka, Anna Chrzanowska Łysak and Angelika Białoszewska. The event is address to marketers, freelancers, PR specialists , employees of marketingcreative agencies, but above all to. Enthusiasts of broadly understood marketing regardless of ucation, experience and position held. Lecture by Łukasz Wiatr The leitmotif of the October. CRASH Belgium Mobile Number List Mondays was content marketing, so we couldn’t miss it as an. ocial mia is nothing more than one big community, divid into even smaller groups that shar.

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Expert Łukasz Wiatr from the Content. Marketing team gave a presentation entitl How to create content for unusual industries . At the beginning, he emphasiz a very important thing that content creators often forget when creating content, you must always. Remember about the user’s path, as shown in the diagram below. journey We have little time to get the recipient interest in our content. It takes only a few seconds, which is why it is crucial to properly. Match the content to the stage of the customer’s journey to be able to convince him to take the desir action. Łukasz shar with the Leads Blue audience his proven tips that are useful when creating content for unusual industries.

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