Create a free blog with Blogger

Another platform that allows you to create a free blog is Blogger , the Google platform. And if it’s owned by Google, having a blog on Blogger will give us many advantages in terms of visibility and positioning on search engines, right?

No, wrong!

In fact, Blogger also offers extremely limited blogging features and growing a blog created with this platform has become increasingly difficult.

But how to open a free blog with Blogger? I’ll show you right now.

First go to and create the CREATE Bulk SMS Oman YOUR BLOG button . Then follow the directions given to you on screen, such as the domain you want and the name of your blog.

Once the procedure (which takes a couple of minutes) is finished, you can start writing your articles. This is more or less the result you will get:

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But what are the disadvantages of creating a free blog with Blogger ?

First, your blog domain will be a subdomain of . . This means that your domain name will be for example . A bit unprofessional, don’t you think?

Finding an available domain name is really a chore , a bit like finding an available Gmail account.

Furthermore, creating a blog with Blogger is within everyone’s reach: simple, fast and above all free. And this means that millions of blogs have been opened for various activities, including fake news, spam, scams and phishing.

For this reason, blogs are always Leads Blue looked down upon by readers and do not generate user trust . And do you know what it means if your users don’t trust you? That’s right, no monetization.

Do you want to start a grateful blog on Blogger? Now you know how to do it. But you also know the risks you take.

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