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Product catalog There’s one more step. We suggest you take when getting things set up; create a business asset group. A business asset group is just a collection of everything in your Business Manager for one business This is especially helpful if you have multiple businesses or brands, to keep everything organiz. It also makes it easy to share assets with a partner like if you hire a. marketing pany – like Lyfe Let’s go through that process. To create a business asset group . marketing strategy Open Business Settings Below Accounts, click Business Asset. Groups Click Add Decide how you’d like to organize your assets For example, you can group them.

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By brand, line, region, agency, or something else. Enter a Business Asset Group Name and click Next Select the assets you’d like to include and click. Next Optional Select the people who ne. to work on those assets and assign permissions for each asset type Use the toggles to set permissions for assets in the business asset group If you have select. individual people in step , note that these permissions will apply to their access as well Click Create Belgium Mobile Number List Confirmation that you’ve creat. your business asset group will appear on your screen Now that you’ve got that set up.

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Let s look at what ads to start with for your. Marketing strategy What Ads To Start With For Your. Marketing Strategy When you start advertising on. You ne. To plan the ads you’ll run This is because sequence matters when you’re collecting data, which is how you should think about your ads Don’t think about them for how many sales they’ll get you or how much it will grow your business You ne. to look at your. ad campaign at least – and especially – at the beginning as an opportunity to learn more about your audience As well as finding out the Leads Blue things they like, and the things they don’t like Each ad you run, even if it doesn’t reach your goal.

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