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Doodle one day by going to the. Google homepage What controversies have touch this idea We answer these questions in the following article. Google Doodles where did they come from The first Google Doodle in history was a kind of message to search engine users. Larry Page and Sergey Brin co founders of Google in went to the Burning Man festival in Nevada. In a humorous way, they want to convey the information that they took part in the event, and so a blue man stood behind the second. O in the Google logo. Doodles did not become an overnight hit, but by , new occasional graphics were being creat.

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Susan Wojcicki then an employee of the marketing. Department, today known primarily for her position CEO of the YouTube platform interestingly, she is of. Polish descent she took care of subsequent doodles , which were creat mainly on the occasion of important holidays. See Create an effective YouTube channel Until , Google. Doodles were design Bolivia Mobile Number List by an external contractor, and then the co founders of the giant ask the company’s then intern. Dennis Hwang to prepare graphics for Bastille Day. At first, the pictures were suppos to be creat only on the occasion. Of the most important holidays or in response to the whim.

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Website owners, but they met with such a positive reception among. Google users that they were creat more and more often. And so today, looking at historical doodles , we can notice that on a global scale, even several different graphics are display on the same. Day on the occasion of all kinds of anniversaries or events. Smooth we can so let’s move on to Google Doodles stats. doodle Source https google doodleskazakhstan independence day Leads Blue Google. Doodle statistics and curiosities Probably many people wonder how many. Doodles have been creat throughout the history of the platform.

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