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Update Instagrams account status. Before we dive into the next one on our list of new marketing updates be sure to check out our new social mia ads training course if you want to master social mia advertising. Now, Instagram’s new account status. Instagram says it marketing updates “will help you get more insight into how our community guidelines affect your account. Use this tool to learn what you can post on Instagram, and what you can do if your post goes against our guidelines. Our biggest takeaway from this update is that if your post gets taken down and you disagree with.

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Instagrams decision, or think it was a. Mistake on their part this gives you a more direct approach to appeal. Instagram has been doing all kinds of censoring over the last couple of years. And in that process, we’ve seen a lot of posts get flagg that really shouldn’t be flagg. So this is Instagram’s way of giving us a real-time look at the status of our South Korea Phone Numbers List accounts and posts. Update # Instagram’s brand content partnerships. Now, this feature isn’t fully roll out yet. marketing updates But, they are beginning to test new partnership features that help creators connect and collaborate directly within Instagram.

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You can see that they’ve given us a sneak peek at what these. Features will look like here. social mia updates social mia updates social mia updates social mia updates. The focus will be on discoverability and helping brands find creators that suit them, and vice versa. It will also give creators a smoother, more streamlin means of communication in. Collaborations with a specific section for partnership messages. Again, this is one of those new Leads Blue marketing updates that are still currently being test but is something to keep in mind for the future if you work with influencers.

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