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If you want to see the full video walkthrough. Of these steps, then watch the video at the top of this post. Now, next on this ads for beginners guide, lets look at how to properly set up your campaign and make adjustments in the ads itor. Setting Up Your First Campaign Your campaign houses ad groups which are made up of a group of ads and keywords that share a budget, location targeting, and other settings. You can organize campaigns in whatever way you like. But typically, its recommend to separate them by categories of products or services that you offer or specific goals like email sign-ups or landing page clicks.

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Or you can use campaigns to run ads in. Different locations or using different budgets. You can create multiple campaigns in your ad account and each campaign is made up of one or more ad groups. Campaign level settings include budget, language, location, Network distribution, and more. Well show you all the campaign settings in just a couple Malaysia Phone Number List of minutes. Campaign Settings Overview Lets click into the Campaigns tab and take a look around. When you click in, youll land on this dashboard with a line graph, a bunch of columns with various analytics, and some campaign information.

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To create a new campaign Click the blue plus button. Choose your campaign goal this is whatever your main goal is. To keep it simple, were going with Website Traffic, but you should choose whatever makes the most sense for your nes. Click Continue. Select your campaign type. You may have different options here depending on which goal you chose. Click Continue. Enter the youd like people to land on when they click your ad. Click Continue. Enter the Leads Blue campaign name and choose which networks to show the ads in. we would check both.

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