Write with the right tone of voice

The tone of voice , i.e. the tone of voice we use in our text, is like a dress we wear for a party: it must always be suitable for the occasion and for the person we are addressing.

Imagine showing up to a job interview in casual attire: it would not be appropriate and could negatively affect your image because more elegant and professional clothing would perhaps be more appropriate.

Likewise, the tone of voice we use in copywriting must be suitable for our audience and the message we want to communicate.

If our goal is to persuade a person to buy a product, we could therefore opt for an emotional and motivational tone, while if we want to explain how a service works it would probably be more appropriate to use a more informative and technical tone.

Choosing the right tone of voice is therefore extremely important to establish an empathetic connection with our audience and to make us credible and reliable in the eyes of our reader.

Empathize with the reader

Copywriting is all about empathy. Get in tune with SMS Gateway Finland your reader, understand his needs, his desires, his fears and his dreams of him.

It will be thanks to this deep connection that you will be able to write texts that speak directly to people’s hearts and that know how to strike the right chords.

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Try putting yourself in their shoes and writing as if you were talking to a friend . A metaphor that perfectly represents this concept is that of the bridge that unites two shores: the copywriter is a bit like a bridge builder made of empathy, who manages to bring a brand to meet its audience.

Use storytelling

Storytelling is a key component to writing a persuasive text.

But why is it so essential to know how to use stories in our narratives? Very simple.

Man has been telling stories since ancient times as a means Leads Blue to communicate, share experiences, educate, entertain and preserve culture and collective memory.

Stories have allowed human beings to create and transmit values, beliefs and knowledge , to express emotions and to develop their imagination and creativity but they have also played a fundamental role in the representation of reality and in the construction of individual and collective identity, helping people to understand their place in the world and to feel part of a larger community.

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