Write excellent quality long-form content

One thing that is not clear to most bloggers is that Google has no obligation to us. content. You must aim for excellence, always.So when you create a new blog post, if you want it to rank well, you don’t have to create great content : you have to create the best.And don’t forget to optimize it from an SEO perspective so that your article is perfect for both your readers and search engines. We will elaborate on this discussion in a moment.

Update your content frequently

Even writing an article and leaving it to gather dust inside your blog isn’t really the best strategy to get a good ranking.

It is in fact very important to frequently update our contents, eliminate Argentina WhatsApp Number List all obsolete information, intercept and correct orphan pages , add new information, check that all links are functional and so on.


The best way to do this job and understand which articles we need to update and refresh is to use DinoRANK , a very effective SEO tool that allows you to identify which contents are not performing enough and will show you how to modify them to make them even better.

To do this, just log in to DinoRANK (you can log in with just one euro using the dinobaldelli code during payment) and click on “Thin content” in the menu on the left. In fact, this function allows Leads Blue you to go and intercept all those articles that are not receiving enough traffic.


Once these articles have been intercepted

you just need to go and update them. And how to do it?

First open the post in WordPress and double-check the text:

  • Is there any new information we can enter?
  • Are all the external links still working?
  • Are the images of the article eye-catching?
  • Is the metadata correct and optimized?



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