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How to check You have to put yourself in the. User’s shoes imagine that you are encountering the brand for the first time. Checking the conversion path is a step by step walk through the elements of the website that the user must go through to reach the set goal. It can be a long way from entering the website, through selecting the category. Viewing and comparing products, to going through the basket and the next stages of finalizing the order. With such a long path, you can even monitor its individual parts to see how many people reach the end. Or at which stages of the funnel we lose the most audience.

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By creating detail lists of recipients, divid. According to the stages of the path they reach, you can prepare precise advertising messages or actions target, eg. Only to those users who add a product to the basket, but did not buy anything in the store. Thanks to such data about website users, it is possible to look for answers to the following questions Kazakhstan Mobile Number List why. Is there a significant decrease in recipients at a particular stage of the shopping path is it. Possible to ruce the percentage of abandon carts why does high website engagement not translate into. Increas conversions See What are A B tests and why is it worth using them fault.

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Technical glitches that steal conversions. Going through the conversion path also allows you to independently catch any errors that prevent. Users from making a purchase or carrying out another conversion. Problems with choosing the form of delivery or payment, non working forms, the ne to register before buying, etc. these are the elements that are definitely worth checking. In popular CMS and SaaS solutions for online stores or websites in general, serious technical faults rarely appear. Despite everything, it happens that incorrectly Leads Blue configur integrations. With other service providers create many problems that are difficult to catch. If you do not walk the path of a potential customer yourself.

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