Why you should NEVER start a free blog

As I mentioned in the introduction, starting a free blog isn’t the best choice if you want your blog to turn into a real online business .

Instead, it is an excellent solution if you want to create a blog just as a hobby , perhaps to share your ideas and thoughts but which you have no intention of turning into a job.

Very often, those who want to open a blog are frightened by the idea of ​​the cost because often, when we start our journey in the world of the web, we don’t have large capitals to invest.

But most of these people don’t know that opening Bulk SMS Qatar a blog costs very little (we’re talking about something like 3 euros a month!).

But why is it not advisable to create a free blog?

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There are several reasons. Here are the main ones:

  • It doesn’t belong to us . A free blog will always belong to the platform that hosts it
  • It’s much harder to grow it since we don’t have access to many SEO features that we do with a paid blog
  • It is unprofessional since the domain name (ie the blog address, such as “www.eleonorabaldelli.com”) will be a subdomain of the platform (example: “www.mydomain.wordpress.com”). And this will generate little trust in your readers
  • Support is almost non-existent . If you have Leads Blue problems with your blog, you will hardly find a support service and you could lose all the content you created in an instant.

I could stand here for hours listing all

The reasons why a free blog isn’t an optimal choice if your goal is to create an online business , perhaps to make money through blogging, to promote your services or products or to expand your online business.


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