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So you’ll want to make a really strong basic version of your resume. career in advertising And then, slightly tweak things to make multiple. Versions of it that are attun to the nes of each place you’re applying for. And one piece of advice we can offer you is that when you’re doing this, you’re sort of marketing yourself, right So it can help to think of your resume in the same light that we talk about advertisements on these digital marketing channels.

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If a business is running an ad, we talk all. The time about using the ad to tackle the customer’s goals or pain points instead of talking about how. Many awards the c  has won, or how great their company is. In the same way, you want to use your resume to talk about what problems you can solve or goals you can achieve for their company. In our Indian Phone Number List experience, companies care more about how your skills can help them than how many years you spent in college. Let us explain what we mean. In several posts, we have talk about the importance of addressing a customer by their nes.

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Check out our post about marketing skills. In to find out which fields you should be focusing on now. So while yes, you should have your crentials. Somewhere on your resume to start a career in advertising we would spend more time figuring out how you. Can make yourself look valuable to the employer. And that’s bas on how you can help them achieve their company goals. Summary You’ll want to ensure your resume is as up-to-date as possible and is prepp specifically for the places you intend to apply to. Step Start applying and follow up. Once Leads Blue you’ve got your resume ready to go, start applying to all of the places you research on your list in step.

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