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When you has to do with everything. How do you stay relevant as a brand In this HelloMasters Podcast Get answers to these questions: Banking is above all a commodity. How do you distinguish yourself as a bank Marketing is not seen as important by some bankers. What is the importance of marketing at SNS Volksbank is an umbrella organization for 4 brands: SNS, ASN, Regiobank and BLG Wonen. How is this reflecte in the marketing strategy What’s a marketing experiment that didn’t go as planne HelloMasters is the podcast about marketing, strategy and teams.

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We talk to CMOs and marketing leaders about the rapidly changing landscape. Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify . Powere photo editor by and Frank watching. Register now for the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2022! June 29 & 30 is the event for the e-commerce industry: the Webwinkel Vakdagen. The fair that is all about innovative trends and inspiration for 2 days. This year you can attend lectures by speakers from Picnic and Marktplaats. View the program online and register directly for the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2022. View here or register directly!We hear it everywhere.  Service must be good.

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Fast and personal. The bar is high. Digitization of customer contact offers the solution. It provides an enormous boost in efficiency and customers are helpe quickly 24/7. That efficiency boost and improve accessibility are very nice, but how do you ensure that the personal aspect is also guarantee with chatbots in this digital Leads Blue  age Chatbots are now a valuable addition to webcare for many organizations. Not surprising, because the benefits for organizations and customers are great. Technology provides a huge boost in efficiency. Repetitive, simple issues can be (partly) capture by a chatbot.

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