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That nes to change. Let Us Grow Your Revenue Increase revenue with done-for-you marketing Custom marketing strategy back by data and results Affordable marketing services with no long-term contract GET A CUSTOM PROPOSAL NOTE You can repurpose content on other platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, etc. Companies don’t understand the platform Since it’s so important for advertisers to understand the platform we’re going to spend a bit of time in this section to go over some ways you can learn the platform. Before we do that, we want to encourage you to create an account and just start using the platform. Schule it in your calendar for or minutes a day and spend time exploring the app.

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Here’s what we do when we’re learning a new platform Create a burner account that we’ll use to observe. Download the app, of course. Schule time to use it daily. We click every button in the app to figure out where everything is and what is available. Then we visit the fe to see the content that’s being post. We follow creators who we think are Dubai Phone Number List using the platform in interesting ways or whose videos get a lot of engagement. We observe these creator’s frequency of posting, style of posting, hashtag usage, descriptions, and engagement number of likes, comments.

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We read a lot of comments. Use discretion on which comment section you want to wade into though. They are not all the same. Some are terrifying places while others are lovely. We recommend you follow your competitors if they’re on the platform and anyone who is a popular creator in your space. Then follow a bunch of the smaller creators too to see what they’re doing and what their comments sections look like. Watch how they use the Leads Blue platform and how they engage with their viewers. This is also going to give you a list of potential influencers to connect with later.

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