What is comment marketing

Comment marketing is a digital marketing strategy which consists in leaving meaningful and constructive comments on blogs , but also on forums or social media, such as within Facebook groups (by the way, are you already a member of my group? ).

It’s not just a way to get backlinks but a way to build authentic relationships with other bloggers, readers and influencers in your industry, generate more traffic to your blog , strengthen your personal branding or expand your audience.

Think of comment marketing just like a conversation between friends : when you leave a comment that adds value to the discussion, you’re building a connection with other participants. In this way, you can gain the trust and attention of the public, consequently also increasing your authority and visibility online.


Let’s go into more detail

How to do comment marketing effectively

Comment marketing can be a powerful strategy, capable of bringing interesting results to your personal branding and blog. But to get the best results and not risk being damaged by comment marketing, it is essential to know how to do it effectively.

First you need to define the goals of your Bulk SMS Turkey comment marketing strategy. After that you will have to carefully choose the platforms and sites on which to leave your comments, which must be in-depth, constructive and above all valuable.

Let’s see everything in more detail.

1. Define your goals

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A phrase that I often like to repeat is that there is no favorable wind for the sailor who does not know where to go .

There is no favorable wind for the sailor who does not know where to go

Before starting any comment marketing activity, therefore, it is essential to have clear in mind (but even better, written!) the objectives we want to achieve .

Why do you want to do comment marketing? Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand? Do you want to elevate yourself as an authoritative professional in your niche? Do you want to generate more traffic to your blog? Do you want to build authentic relationships with other bloggers?

Defining your goals will help you choose not only to Leads Blue choose. The best sites to leave your comments on but also to create targeted, relevant and pertinent messages. Capable of getting you exactly where you want to go.

I’ll give you a concrete example.

If your goal is to drive more traffic to your blog. Then it might be helpful to steer the discussion towards an in-depth article on your blog.

If, on the other hand, you want to build a relationship with a particular blogger. Then it would be preferable to comment on their blog more frequently. Tag them in conversations and ask them open-ended questions.


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