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If you respond to something after a few days. The chance of originality of the argument and high reach of the article will be close to zero. Anecdotes and curiosities Write short funny, interesting, shocking content. Not all of your publications have to resemble comprehensive, specialist articles. Often short entries posts in the form of anecdotes or trivia become viral fast spreading content and allow you to achieve huge reach. Successes brag. Describe important events in your life that prove that you are constantly developing and appreciat.

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Inform about scientific titles, promotions, awards. Complet courses, trainings, invitations to speak at well known and respect conferences. failures Admit what you re not proud of. Write about the things you regret professionally that you wouldn t do again. Show that even though you are a specialist, you make mistakes. And then. Turn your failure into success. After all, it has made you smarter, more experienc, and more trustworthy today. Tips Give Qatar Mobile Number List advice. Tips tricks articles have become extremely popular recently. Giving advice on how to do something preferably in a short form, i.e. in a nutshell will show that you are not focus solely on profits as a specialist, you simply want to help selflessly.

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Prictions anticipate. Forecasting is a great way to start a discussion. Found an interesting article Share it and refer to it, write your opinion, praise, criticize, doubt, ask observers questions, be creative. Show that you are a leader, not a follower. FAQ Answer the most frequently ask questions, especially those around which many myths have grown up. Create an entire comprehensive article on this topic. This will help users and. you saves your time. Anyone Leads Blue who asks you a question will be able to refer you to your article, where you explain everything in detail. Top Engage your followers.

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