Web positioning 20 steps to be the first

Take care of the basics of web positioning to build a good web positioning, you have to start with the foundations. Controlling these four basic points will help you go a long way. 1) work on on-page seo we call ” seo on page ” the management of the internal aspects of your website that contribute to its positioning. Seo on page starts from a good choice of keywords for which we want to position our website . With this in mind, we will pay attention to aspects such as: the domain of the website. Making a good choice will save you a lot of headaches later. The structure. Your website must have an ordered and understandable “skeleton” for both search engines and human beings.

Take care of the basics of web positioning

The content. Search engine optimization and Coinbase Virtual Currency Database content marketing are first cousins, since google spiders love websites with updated and quality content. The labeling. Tags help search engines correctly interpret the content of a site. The site map. It must be present, well marked and legible. 2) do not forget about off-page seo the “Seo off page” are the elements outside your web page that contribute to its positioning. Its main element is the creation of links from other websites to yours. When carrying out link building campaigns, we can resort to different techniques such as guest posting or directories.

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Work on on-page SEO

Always taking care to avoid spam and Leads Blue not incur penalties. It is better to go little by little and not risk suddenly losing everything we have achieved. 3) think about the user one of the big problems with web positioning is that we can become obsessed with the factors that improve positioning and forget that our content is intended for humans and not search engines. So when implementing seo techniques, never sacrifice the usability or readability of your site. If people love your website, the rest will follow.

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